Practice YOGA

*Private Yoga Sessions & Workshops

Call 812-320-1462 to schedule a private yoga session, which will be tailored to fit your needs. Working one-on-one allows us to look deeply into what could be most healing and balancing for you in this moment. Are you feeling stuck in your practice, or challenged by particular aspects? We can delve into the body/mind/spirit parallels in a safe & nurturing environment.

Most sessions are 60 minutes & we can look into various aspects of yoga, including (but not limited to): asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and yogic philosophy.

*Host a Workshop or Retreat

The possibilities are endless!

Yoga is non-competitive, and you do not need to be physically flexible to practice yoga.

One of the many gifts of asana/pranayama practice is learning to accept and love the self exactly where we reside at the moment: having creaky joints, imperfect posture, restless mind (or whatever other ‘challenges’ we bring) and all.   There is nothing to “fix.”

There’s no need to run out and buy loads of yoga ‘stuff.’ Wear comfy clothes that allow you to move freely. Your teacher or studio can probably loan you a mat until you’re sure you want one. You don’t have to wear the right fashions or travel to exotic retreat locations for yoga to work. It’s ALL already inside of YOU! namaste


“To practice yoga is to unite the body with the mind.  For the cultured person it is also to unite the mind with the intelligence and for the still more highly cultured person it is to unite the body, mind and intelligence with the depth of the soul.” -B.K.S. Iyengar

“When yoga practice is sustained with great diligence and dedication over a long period of time, the heat generated from it burns away [deisre, anger, greed, envy, sloth], and the light of our inner nature shines forth.” -Sri K. Patthabi Jois