The Eight Limbs of Yoga

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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

There is more to hatha yoga than the postures (asana). Enjoy this simple introduction to the Eight Limbs:






About boundaries: joyfully & purposefully reining our energies:

ahimsa- non-violence

satya – truthfulness

asteya – non-stealing

brahmacharya – non-indulgence

aparigraha – non-possessiveness


shaucha – purity, cleanliness

samtosha – contentment with exactly where we are

tapas- austerity, wise effort

svadhyaya – self-study

Ishvara pranidhana – surrender to the divine, universal force, whatever name you give it


the physical and meditative postures. “Within a vibrant body the soul can carry a joyful mind.”


liberating the flow of energy via the breath. the science of the breath. prana=life force, yama=expansion.


disentangling our senses, our mind & focusing in towards the soul, the deepest self.


concentration. total, deliberate attention.



The union of taking the deep self outwards into the body, and the peripheral body into the deep self. Divisions fall away.


the pure state of spiritual absorption: one is fully at peace. the soul diffuses and harmonizes everywhere.


Compiled with help from these publications:

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