Thai Massage

Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage/ Nuad Bo-rarn, and step into an vast lineage of eastern folk medicine.



Study the ancient, dynamic healing art of Thai Massage/Nuad Bo-rarn, and step into a vast lineage of eastern folk medicine.  Thai Massage, yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other eastern methodologies & philosophies all have their roots in the Vedas, and so have many similarities. Thai bodywork and Thai medicine evolved within the Buddhist temples and countryside of Thailand & southeast Asia as a complete & distinct holistic system.

Deeply grounded in metta, or loving-kindness, the work is healing & meditative for both the recipient and the therapist.

In this therapeutic style, we combine passive, yoga-like stretching with massage pressure along sen (energy) lines of the body, allowing for a deep, yet gentle unwinding. The work is practiced on a mat on the floor, & the recipient remains fully dressed in comfy clothing.

Thai Massage is a natural addition to a massage practice, a yoga teacher’s toolbox, or any bodywork practice. It is also approachable for the non-professional & great for sharing healing with family & friends in the tradition of Thai folk medicine.

Following completion of the ITM level 1 and 2 workshops, students may opt to receive certification from ITM, International Training School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and may continue studies there (meaning levels I and II are the same there, so one can go to the next level course). I have taken many Thai massage workshops over the years, and can say that the ITM curriculum stands out as a very thorough, structured, and comprehensive program—this is why I chose to study intensively there. Continuity and recognition within a parent school in Thailand is a great asset to anyone who wishes to deepen their studies there in the future.

The ITM program is in the tradition of Northern-style Nuad Bo-rarn. It’s founder, Chongkol Setthakorn, was the director of the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai for many years before opening ITM. These courses provide a solid foundation for life-long study and practice of Nuad Bo-rarn within any tradition.


*30 CE hours available for massage therapists and yoga teachers

***These continuing education courses do not provide the basic training & certification to practice massage professionally in most states (unless you are already an MT). More info on IN state massage regulations at: