Save Water (and time) with Thai Massage

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Save Water (and time) with Thai Massage

Massage therapists:

Did you know that a Thai Massage session requires half the sheets that a table massage does? (Thai on the mat, client fully dressed = one flat sheet, one pillowcase. Table massage =  one flat, one fitted, one pillowcase/face-cradle cover.)

That means half the laundry, saving you time and money, and…

this saves hot water, laundry detergent, and all of the resources that go into the sheets themselves. Unless we are buying organic cotton sheets, that can add up to lots of pesticides, herbicides, & other nasty chemicals that go (or don’t go) right into our land and water. More costs go into labor and shipping, as most cotton comes from overseas. Don’t you wish they’d come up with some other packaging besides those plastic zippered bags (petroleum) for new sheets?

How many clients do you see per week? per year? How much laundry do you wash per week? Dry?

I’ve already waxed poetic about my outdoor clothesline, and in winter I try and air-dry my massage sheets indoors. This requires major organization on my part (& doesn’t always happen) in my tiny house. But, I try.

I feel that to keep my business running in a way that reflects my commitment to a diverse and abundant bunch of ecosystems on earth, I should use minimal natural resources. I love that I get to make these choices as a small-business owner. Being the boss rocks.

I fell in love with Thai massage having no idea that it would cut my laundry in half. It was just a bonus.

In Indiana, we are in the midst of an extreme drought, and Bloomington just issued an Emergency Water Restriction Order. I feel a tiny bit better about my water consumption via washing machine each time I have a day full of Thai bodywork sessions.

I think of conservation as an exciting and fun part of the healing arts. We share this beautiful planet!

How are you conserving in your practice? Let’s share ideas. We’re all in this together. peace.

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