Thai Massage: It’s Beautifully Different from Yoga

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Thai Massage: It’s Beautifully Different from Yoga

Thai Massage and Hatha Yoga are quite similar, and beautifully different.

Have you noticed Thai Massage is popping up in yoga studios everywhere these days? Perhaps you’ve been wondering what it is and what the heck it has to do with yoga. Is it yoga? Indeed, Thai Massage is suddenly in yoga studios all across the United States. You might find it as part of an acro-yoga or partner-yoga class, or as a supplement to hands-on-adjustment techniques for yoga teachers. It’s sometimes called “Thai Yoga Massage” in the west, though I’ve never heard my Thai teachers use this term (I don’t use it either, preferring to honor the uniqueness & evolution of each form). Plenty of massage therapists in the U.S. have been diligently practicing and sharing Thai bodywork for ages, but it seems to have truly broken into our collective cultural consciousness in the last decade. Thai massage is a uniquely effective form of healing bodywork, and I’m sure it will continue to grow in popularity.

**Same same, but different: Thai massage and yoga asanas

There are many ways in which these two distinct forms of bodywork, both rooted in the Vedas are alike and different. They do look similar, but I want to focus on my favorite way they are different.

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